Easterfest 2020

Wesley Foundation FSU Inc

Our Easterfest 2020 mission is Wisdom's Wellspring.

Wisdom's Wellspring is a local, faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women transition from a place of dependance in their lives to independence. They have a residential community, provide mentors, vocational and career support, accountability, and healthy relationship building skills.

Since opening in November 2014, over 30 women have been residents of Wisdom's Wellspring. This ministry is seeking to breakdown barriers and offer tremendous life change for their residents. A long term goal is to create a 24 bed residential facility that could provide housing for women and men.

Here is a video testimony from a Board member of Wisdom's Wellspring: SEE VIDEO

Learn more about this important ministry here: www.wisdomswellspring.org

You can give right now online to our Easterfest 2020 offering: GIVE NOW

If you would to give by check, please make checks payable to the Wesley Foundation and put "Easterfest 2020" in the memo line.

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Thanks so much for your support of Wisdom's Wellspring.